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7 best ways to use Google search console for SEO optimization on your website

The digital space is filled with tools and techniques which help you boost your business. The best tools in the market are often paid and those who want premium access also have to pay for them. Small scale or start-ups companies often depend on free tools or the one which have limited access to services. Google search console is one of those free tools which any business can have access to and see their business reaching heights.

Google Search Console

What is google search console?

The google search console is a free tool manufactured by google. The tool is a big aid when it comes to monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintaining the existence of your website in Google’s search engines. As the Google search engine is the most important one, this tool will help you reach out to a major portion of the audience.

Features of this tool :

  1. The tool lets you know that Google is able to find your website over the search engines or not.
  2. Helps you with the new updates and fix indexing related problems
  3. Being an SEO related tool, it helps to let you know how much traffic you are getting on your website through google search engine.
  4. Let you know the alerts regarding problems on your site like spam
  5. Troubleshoot problems related to different features like mobile usability etc.

Who can benefit from the google search console?

  • SEO experts and marketers

 SEO marketing is all about ranking your website at the top of the search engines and google console will surely help you with the best intentions on this one. Having an SEO team who knows about the free tools around will help you prosper better.

  • Web developers

The best web design companies should always be aware of how to grab the opportunity without making a way for investment. This tool will help you with that!

  • Business owners

Business owners should be well aware of what is going around in the digital market and even if you won’t ever use the google console by yourself, you should have knowledge about it. This can be really useful for small business website design Sydney as it is free of cost!

After getting down with a whole lot of information about the google console, here comes the time when you should get to know how important it is to generate traffic for your business;

1. Take the local keyword performance seriously

By entering the exact URL for your website, you can easily track up the performance of the keywords you are utilizing for your blog or website. This helps you differentiate how you are doing locally vs how you are doing globally. You can easily utilize the tool for advanced-level SEO on your website. If you pay good attention and find out how well your keywords are doing locally, you can make a good difference over the search engines. 

2. Make sure you monitor the search country wise

Keeping an eye on the country tab and using the right tab is important as it will help you rank better. There are keywords that might not rank high in my country but do rank high where the business actually belongs to. You can add up keywords that target specific countries to rank higher in their google search engines. The website which ranks on top in Argentina might rank at number 10 in brazil!

3. Have a look at the desktop vs mobile traffic

Mobile rankings might be different from how your website ranks on the desktop! This is because a lot of people click over your website while searching and surfing from mobile. You gotta understand that there is a difference between the two.

Google console gives you access to find out which device is gathering more traffic on your website and which is the one you need to work on. Interesting right?

4. Try to get your URLs inspected

Google might take a certain amount of time to find out your website and till that time you can refresh your google console and check immediate impact. But, when Google is still searching, it doesn’t know that your site even exists right?

Make sure to resubmit your URL for inspection whenever you update a new post or a blog to your website. There is a great possibility that Google might not even notice the changes you are making on your website for some time. So, re-indexing seems pretty important, right?

Simply paste up your main URL without adding any extensions to it and hold on till the software processes it. If the URL is inspected correctly, then click on request indexing and voila! you are ready to go!

If there are problems you need to fix, then correct and resubmit them.

5. Discover mind-boggling topics

You can use this tool to get hands-on trends that are upcoming in the market. If you recently have built a new page category or a news article you can easily check the trends and get your hands on where the traffic is headed to these days.

You can also have a good look at when the traffic will be seen on your website by analyzing through impressions, CTR, and rankings.

When it comes to impressions, you can easily have a look at up to 3 months downwards or upwards. This will help you analyze how you have been performing in the past versus how you will perform in the present and the future aspects of the same.

6. Compare the data with your competitors

Checking on your competition will always keep you awake and wanting to run a little harder. You can easily compare your results with your competitors. If they are higher in position than where you are right now, then you can have a look at what they are doing and how you implement those techniques to your business. That is super amazing for your business, right? So, get on it right now!

7.  Find out where you can put up internal linking

Make use of this software and get to know where internal linking is required on your website and how it is going to benefit you. Just click on the more option which lies under the top linked pages and then you click on internal links.

It has so much information for you that you can easily audit and make changes in your content. This will obviously make things much much simpler and better, resulting in better traffic and reach! So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the software today and start analyzing.