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Wix vs Shopify: Which is better?

Wix vs Shopify

Building a website has become a lot easier since the invention of website building platforms like Shopify and Wix. Every industry has its competition and there is no exception in these website building platforms. Wix and Shopify are both very strong platforms and can give tough competition to each other. Both stand at a 4.7 out 5 and choosing one of them can be a difficult choice. As it is a tough choice, let us help you to clear the concepts and choose the one which you need:

About the platforms

Wix has become one of the most popular website building platforms because of its amazing e-commerce tools and beginner-friendly building style. They had a great advertising budget and you could see Wix advertisements almost every now and then on youtube and other platforms. It has about 110 million users around the globe. It allows you to build a decent website with the help of some drag and drop tools.

Wix Pros

1. User friendly

The drag and drop feature of this website building platform makes everything so simpler.

2.  Easy on pocket

Wix is quite economical and lets you establish your business in a minimum amount as well. It does not even have any hidden costs.

3.  Let you add tools

You can download apps and plug them into your store easily. Ecwid can provide you access to more tools enabling an amazing experience for your audience.

Wix Cons

An eCommerce site requires a set of rules which are to be followed and Wix gives you too much freedom to create your innovation. This way you forget to follow the rules sometimes because of too much liberty.

Shopify on the other hand is for people who want to build an online store for themselves. It is a 10 years old business and has over 60 thousand successful businesses running. The best part about Shopify is that it is available for any type of business be it small or big.

Shopify Pros

1. You are never alone

Shopify makes sure that they are always around you whenever you are looking for help. You can call them or be on live chat if you face any problems with your online store.

2. Inbuilt features

Shopify is the best as they provide you with in-built eCommerce features, helping you go easy on every plan.

3. Multiple payment options

Shopify is compatible with every kind of payment method. It has around 100 ways you can transfer the money and get what you have been waiting so long for!

Shopify Cons

When this platform is providing you everything don’t you think it will be heavy on your pocket? Premium themes and monthly subscriptions do add up over here. So, invest in it if your pocket allows you to!

Let us know which is the best in all the categories below!

User friendly

Shopify might be one of the best solutions to online stores but, when we talk about a user-friendly experience, Wix is the one! They provide you with a proper step by step guide and within a few minutes, you built your own website. All you have to do is drag and drop in Wix and voila, your pretty looking website is ready in minutes. While on the other hand, Shopify is not much difficult either but, it requires a lot of time dedication to set everything in the right place for your online store.


Shopify provides you with a variety of themes and interfaces which are user friendly in nature. You might find a variety of templates free as well as paid. Paid templates are obviously a little better and appealing than the free ones but, if you are a beginner then this will work the best for you. Shopify will allow you to use 50+ templates whereas, Wix is going to offer you around 500 different platform templates to choose from. The bonus here is that Shopify lets you edit your theme if you wish to later but, Wix doesn’t! If you are still not satisfied with the themes, then Iterics Solution who can provide you the best layouts for small business website design in Sydney is always at your service at a very affordable price.


Shopify has only 3 variants while Wix gives you 6 of variants with various other options. Shopify might have fewer features than Wix but, when you start to read in between the lines, Shopify has a vast range of paid as well as free features and some which are not available in Wix. The back point here is that Shopify doesn’t support carousel videos in every theme. So, when you talk about which is better than Shopify is a win-win as it has options for you to select from with flexibility as its best.

Customer support

Both platforms offer good customer support systems. Both of them offer you telephone and email support, you can complain about social media too as they have accounts there also and both of them will have a forum and health center. Shopify offers telephone customer support throughout the day so, whenever you call them, they will hear you out!

A brownie point that Wix has is that you can get help within the interface itself, all you have to do is click where you see a small question mark. When you look for help in Shopify, you have to go all the way back to the help center. Wix also has a bundle of videos and articles to help you along the journey and their layout is much clearer than that of Shopify!

So, who do you go for? Wix has better help support than that of Shopify! It’s very convenient.

If you still face problems and can’t decide, we have another solution for you! ITERICS solutions can help you out develop a secure, user friendly and easy to use the Ecommerce website. Check us out for if you are looking for Affordable Ecommerce Website developer in Sydney.